Pokemon Episode List Version 12.00 (10-8-2007)

Abbreviations explain:
J#Japanese Episode Count
#EEnglish Episode Count
(Jap.)Japanese Episode Name
Aired in:J = Japan
US = United States
NL - Nederlands
Im Own This:Y = I have this Episode!
N = I don't have this episode....

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The Diffrent Seasons

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Pokemon Indigo LeaguePokemon Orange IslandsPokemon Johto Jouney's
Pokemon Johto League ChampionsWhirl Islands (Master Quest)
Master QuestPokemon AdvancedPokemon Advanced Challenge
Pokemon Advanced BattlePokemon Battle Frontier!
Pokemon Kanto Battle Frontier Continues!Pokemon Diamond & Pearl!

Pay Attention!The Season Counting is as follows:

The left numbers are theJapanese Counting!
and the right numbers are theU.S. counting!

Indigo League
J#USAflevering (Engelse) NaamUitgezonden inBezit ik
11Pokemon I Choose You!J-US-NLY
22Pokemon EmergencyJ-US-NLY
33Ash Catches A PokemonJ-US-NLY
44Challenge of the SamuraiJ-US-NLY
55Showdown in Pewter CityJ-US-NLY
66Clefairy and the Moon StoneJ-US-NLY
77The Water Flowers of Cerulean CityJ-US-NLY
88The Path to the pokemon LeagueJ-US-NLY
99The scool of Hard KnocksJ-US-NLY
1010Bulbasaur and the Hidden VillageJ-US-NLY
1111Charmander the Stray pokemonJ-US-NLY
1212Here Comes the Squirtle SquadJ-US-NLY
1313Mystery at the LighthouseJ-US-NLY
1414Electric Shock ShowdownJ-US-NLY
1515Battle Aboard the St. AnneJ-US-NLY
1616Pokemon SchipJ-US-NLY
1717The Island of Giant PokemonJ-US-NLY
1818Beauty and the BeachJ-USY
1919Tentacool and TentacruelJ-US-NLY
2020The Ghost at Maiden's PeakJ-US-NLY
2121Bye Bye ButterfreeJ-US-NLY
2222Abra and the Psychic pokemonJ-US-NLY
2323The Tower of TerrorJ-US-NLY
2424Hunter Versus KadabraJ-US-NLY
2525Primeape Goes BananasJ-US-NLY
2626pokemon Scent-sationJ-US-NLY
2727Hypno's NaptimeJ-US-NLY
2828pokemon Fashion FlashJ-US-NLY
2929The Punchy pokemonJ-US-NLY
3030Sparks Fly for MagnemiteJ-US-NLY
3131Dig Those DiglettJ-US-NLY
3232The Ninja Poke-ShowdownJ-US-NLY
3333The Flame pokemon-athonJ-US-NLY
3434The Kangaskhan KidJ-US-NLY
35B1The Legend of Dratini (Jap.)JY
3635The Bridge Bike GangJ-US-NLY
3736Ditto's Mysterious MansionJ-US-NLY
38B2Electric Soldier Porygon (Jap.)JY
3937Pikachu's Good-ByeJ-US-NLY
4038The Battling Eevee BrothersJ-US-NLY
4139Wake Up SnorlaxJ-US-NLY
4240Showdown at Dark CityJ-US-NLY
4341March of the Exeggutor SquadJ-US-NLY
4442The Problem with ParasJ-US-NLY
4543The Song of JigglypuffJ-US-NLY
4644Attack of the Prehistoric pokemonJ-US-NLY
4745A Chansey OperationJ-US-NLY
4846Holy Matrimony!J-US-NLY
4947So Near, Yet So Farfetch'dJ-US-NLY
5048Who Gets to Keep Togepi?J-US-NLY
5149Bulbasaur's Mysterious GardenJ-US-NLY
5250Princess Versus PrincessJ-US-NLY
5351The Purr-fect HeroJ-US-NLY
5452Case of the K-9 CapersJ-US-NLY
5553pokemon PaparazziJ-US-NLY
5654The Ultimate TestJ-US-NLY
5755The Breeding Center SecretJ-US-NLY
5856Riddle Me ThisJ-US-NLY
5957Volcanic PanicJ-US-NLY
6058Beach Blank-Out BlastoiseJ-US-NLY
6159The Misty MermaidJ-US-NLY
6260Clefairy TalesJ-US-NLY
6361The Battle of the BadgeJ-US-NLY
6462It's Mr. Mimie TimeJ-US-NLY
6563Holiday Hi-JynxJ-US-NLY
6664Snow Way OutJ-US-NLY
6765Showdown at the Poke CorralJ-US-NLY
6866The Evolution SolutionJ-US-NLY
6967The Pi-KahunaJ-US-NLY
7068Make Room for GloomJ-US-NLY
7169Lights, Camera, Quacktion!J-US-NLY
7270Go West, Young MeowthJ-US-NLY
7371To Master the OnixpectedJ-US-NLY
7472The Ancient Puzzle of PokemonpolisJ-US-NLY
7573Bad to the BoneJ-US-NLY
7674All Fired UpJ-US-NLY
7775Round One - Begin!J-US-NLY
7876Fire and IceJ-US-NLY
7977Fourth Round RumbleJ-US-NLY
8078A Friend in DeedJ-US-NLY
8179Friend or Foe AlikeJ-US-NLY
8280Friends to the EndJ-US-NLY
8381Pallet Party PanicJ-US-NLY
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Orange League
8482A Scare in the AirJ-US-NLY
8583Pokeball PerilJ-US-NLY
8684The Lost LaprasJ-US-NLY
8785Fit to be TideJ-US-NLY
8886Pikachu Re-VoltsJ-US-NLY
8987The Crystal OnixJ-US-NLY
9088In the PinkJ-US-NLY
9189Shell ShockJ-US-NLY
9290Stage FightJ-US-NLY
9391Bye Bye PsyduckJ-US-NLY
9492The Joy of PokemonJ-US-NLY
9593Navel ManeuversJ-US-NLY
9694Snack AttackJ-US-NLY
9795A Shipful of ShiversJ-US-NLY
9896Meowth Rules!J-US-NLY
9997Tracey Gets BuggedJ-US-NLY
10098A Way Off, A Day Off J-US-NLY
10199The Mandarin Island Miss MatchJ-US-NLY
102100Wherefore Art Thou, pokemon?J-US-NLY
103101Get Along, Little pokemonJ-US-NLY
104102The Mystery ManaceJ-US-NLY
105103Misty Meets her Match!J-US-NLY
106104Bound For TroubleJ-US-NLY
107105Charizard ChillsJ-US-NLY
108106pokemon Water WarJ-US-NLY
109107Pokemon Food FightJ-US-NLY
110108pokemon Double TroubleJ-US-NLY
111109The Wacky WatcherJ-US-NLY
112110The Stun Spore DetourJ-US-NLY
113111Hello PummeloJ-US-NLY
114112Enter The DragoniteJ-US-NLY
115113Viva Las LaprasJ-US-NLY
116114The Underground Round UpJ-US-NLY
117115A Tents SituationJ-US-NLY
118116The Rivalry RevivalJ-US-NLY
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The Johto Journeys
119117Don't Touch That 'DileJ-US-NLY
120118The Double Trouble HeaderJ-US-NLY
121119A Sappy EndingJ-US-NLY
122120Roll On, pokemonJ-US-NLY
123121Illusion ConfuisonJ-US-NLY
124122Flower PowerJ-US-NLY
125123Spinarak AttackJ-US-NLY
126124Snubbull SnobberyJ-US-NLY
127125Little Big HornJ-US-NLY
128126The Chikorita RescueJ-US-NLY
129127Once in a Blue MoonJ-US-NLY
130128The Whistle StopJ-US-NLY
131129Ignorance is Blissey!J-US-NLY
132130A Bout With SproutJ-US-NLY
133131Fighting Flyer with Fire!J-US-NLY
134132For Crying Out Loud!J-US-NLY
135133Tanks AlotJ-US-NLY
136134Charizard's Burning AmbitionJ-US-NLY
137135Grin to WinJ-US-NLY
138136Chikorita's Big UpsetJ-US-NLY
139137Foul Weather FriendsJ-US-NLY
140138The Superhero SecretJ-US-NLY
141139Mild'n WooleyJ-US-NLY
142140Wired For BattleJ-US-NLY
143141Good 'Quil HuntingJ-US-NLY
144142A Shadow of a DroughtJ-US-NLY
145143Goin' ApricornJ-US-NLY
146144Gettin' The Bugs OutJ-US-NLY
147145A Farfetch'd TaleJ-US-NLY
148146Tricks Of The TradeJ-US-NLY
149147The Fire-ring SquadJ-US-NLY
150148No Big WoopJ-US-NLY
151149Tunnel VisionJ-US-NLY
152150Hour of the HoundourJ-US-NLY
153151The Totodile DuelJ-US-NLY
154152Hot MatchesJ-US-NLY
155153Love, The Totodile StyleJ-US-NLY
156154Fowl PlayJ-US-NLY
157155 Forest GrumpsJ-US-NLY
158156The Psychic SidekicksJ-US-NLY
159157The Fortune HuntersJ-US-NLY
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Johto League Champions
160158A Goldenrod OppurtunityJ-US-NLY
161159A Dairy Tale EndingJ-US-NLY
162160Air TimeJ-US-NLY
163161The Bug Stops HereJ-US-NLY
164162Type CastingJ-US-NLY
165163Fossil FoolsJ-US-NLY
166164Carrying OnJ-US-NLY
167165Hassle In The CastleJ-US-NLY
168166Two Hits and a MissJ-US-NLY
169167A Hot Water BattleJ-US-NLY
170168Hook, Line and StinkerJ-US-NLY
171169Beauty and the BreederJ-US-NLY
172170A Bitter Pill to SwallowJ-US-NLY
173171Power PlayJ-US-NLY
174172Mountain TimeJ-US-NLY
176174Imitation ConfrontationJ-US-NLY
177175Trouble With SnubbullJ-US-NLY
178176Ariados AmigosJ-US-NLY
179177Wings 'N ThingsJ-US-NLY
180178The Grass RouteJ-US-NLY
181179The Apple CorpJ-US-NLY
182180Howl Of The HoundoomJ-US-NLY
183181A Ghost Of A ChanceJ-US-NLY
184182From Ghost to GhostJ-US-NLY
185183Trouble's BrewingJ-US-NLY
186184All That GlittersJ-US-NLY
187185The Light FantasticJ-US-NLY
189187Moving PicturesJ-US-NLY
190188Spring FeverJ-US-NLY
191189Freeze FrameJ-US-NLY
192190The Stolen StonesJ-US-NLY
193191The Dunsparce DeceptionJ-US-NLY
194192The Wayward WobbuffetJ-US-NLY
195193Sick DaysJ-US-NLY
196194The Ring MastersJ-US-NLY
197195The Poké-Spokes PersonJ-US-NLY
198196Control FreakJ-US-NLY
199197The Art of pokemonJ-US-NLY
200198The Heartbreak of BrockJ-US-NLY
201199Current EventsJ-US-NLY
202200Turning Over a New BayleefJ-US-NLY
203201Doin' What Comes Natu-rally!J-US-NLY
204202The Big Balloon Blow-UpJ-US-NLY
205203The Screen Actor's GuiltJ-US-NLY
206204Right on, Rhydon!J-US-NLY
207205The Kecleon Caper!J-US-NLY
208206The Joy of Water pokemonJ-US-NLY
209207Got Miltank!J-US-NLY
210208Fight for the LightJ-US-NLY
211209Machoke, Machoke ManJ-US-NLY
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Whirl Islands (Master Quest)
212210Around the WhirlpoolJ-US-NLY
213211Fly Me To The MoonJ-US-NLY
214212Takin' It On The Chinchou!J-US-NLY
215213The Corsola CaperJ-US-NLY
216214Mantine Overboard!J-US-NLY
217215Octillery The Outcast!J-US-NLY
218216Dueling HeroesJ-US-NLY
219217The Perfect MatchJ-US-NLY
220218Plant It Now...Diglett LaterJ-US-NLY
221219Hi Ho Silver...Away!J-US-NLY
222220The Mystery is History!J-US-NLY
223221A Parent Trapped!J-US-NLY
224222A Promise is a PromiseJ-US-NLY
225223Throwing in the Noctowl!J-US-NLY
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Master Quest
226224Nerves of SteelixJ-US-NLY
227225Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!J-US-NLY
228226Espeon Not Included!J-US-NLY
229227For Ho-oh the Bells TollJ-US-NLY
230228Extreme pokemonJ-US-NLY
231229An Egg-Sighting AdventureJ-US-NLY
232230Hatching a PlanJ-US-NLY
233231Due's and Dont'sJ-US-NLY
234232Just Waiting On a FriendJ-US-NLY
235233A Tyrogue Full of TroubleJ-US-NLY
236234Xatu the FutureJ-US-NLY
237235Talkin' 'Bout an EvolutionJ-US-NLY
238236Rage of InnocenceJ-US-NLY
239237Cold as Pryce!J-US-NLY
240238Nice Pryce BabyJ-US-NLY
241239Witchever Way the Wind Blows!J-US-NLY
242240Some Like it Hot!J-US-NLY
243241Hocus pokemonJ-US-NLY
244242As Clear as CrystalJ-US-NLY
245243Same Old Song & DanceJ-US-NLY
246244Enlighten UpJ-US-NLY
247245Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?J-US-NLY
248246Wish Upon a Star ShapeJ-US-NLY
249247Outrageous FortunesJ-US-NLY
250248One Trick Phoney!J-US-NLY
251249I Politoed You So!J-US-NLY
The Ice Cave! (Jap.)JY
253251Beauty is Skin DeepJ-US-NLY
254252Fangs for Nothin'J-US-NLY
255253Great Bowls of FireJ-US-NLY
256254Better Eight Than Never!J-US-NLY
257255Why? Wynaut!J-US-NLY
258256Just Add Water!J-US-NLY
259257Lapras of LuxuryJ-US-NLY
260258Hatch Me If You Can!J-US-NLY
261259Entei at Your Own RiskJ-US-NLY
262260A Crowning AchievementJ-US-NLY
263261Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!J-US-NLY
264262You're A Star, LavitarJ-US-NLY
265263Address Unknown!J-US-NLY
266264Mother Of All Battles!J-US-NLY
267265Pop Goes The Sneasel!J-US-NLY
268266A Claim to Flame!J-US-NLY
269267Love, pokemon Style!J-US-NLY
270268Tie One On!J-US-NLY
271269The Ties That BindJ-US-NLY
272270Can't Beat the Heat!J-US-NLY
273271Playing With Fire!!J-US-NLY
274272Johto Photo FinishJ-US-NLY
275273Gotta Catch Ya Later!J-US-NLY
276274Hoenn Alone!J-US-NLY
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Pokemon Advanced
277275Get The Show On The Road!J-US-NLY
278276A Ruin With A ViewJ-US-NLY
279277There's No Place Like HoennJ-US-NLY
280278You Can Never Taillow!J-US-NLY
281279In The Knicker Of Time!J-US-NLY
282280A Poached Ego!J-US-NLY
283281Tree's A Crowd!J-US-NLY
284282A Tail With A TwistJ-US-NLY
285283Taming of the Shroomish!J-US-NLY
286284You Said A Mouthful!J-US-NLY
287285A Bite To RememberJ-US-NLY
288286The Lotad LowdownJ-US-NLY
289287All Things Bright And Beautifly!J-US-NLY
290288All In A Day's Wurmple!J-US-NLY
291289Gonna Rule The School!J-US-NLY
292290Winner By A Nosepass!J-US-NLY
293291Stairway to Devon!J-US-NLY
294292On a Wingull and a PrayerJ-US-NLY
295293Sharpedo Attack!!J-US-NLY
296294Brave The WaveJ-US-NLY
297295Which Wurmple is WitchJ-US-NLY
298296A Hole Lotta Trouble!!J-US-NLY
299297Gone Corphishin'J-US-NLY
300298A Corphish Out Of Water!J-US-NLY
301299A Mudkip Mission!J-US-NLY
302300Turning Over a Nuzleaf!J-US-NLY
303301A Three Team Scheme!J-US-NLY
304302Seeing is Believeing!J-US-NLY
305303Ready, Willing And Sableye!J-US-NLY
306304A Meditite Fight!J-US-NLY
307305Just One Of the GeysersJ-US-NLY
308306Abandon Ship!J-US-NLY
309307Now That's Flower Power!J-US-NLY
310308Having a Wailord of a TimeJ-US-NLY
311309Win, Lose or Drew!J-US-NLY
312310The Spheal of ApprovalJ-US-NLY
313311Jump For Joy!J-US-NLY
314312A Different Kind of Misty!J-US-NLY
315313A Pokéblock Party!J-US-NLY
316314Watt's With Wattson?J-US-NLY
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Pokemon Advanced Challenge
317315What You Seed Is What You Get!J-US-NLY
318316Love At First Flight!J-US-NLY
319317Let Bagons Be Bagons!J-US-NLY
320318The Princess And The Togepi!J-US-NLY
321319A Togepi Mirage!J-US-NLY
322320Candid CameruptJ-US-NLY
323321I Feel Skitty!J-US-NLY
324322Zig Zag Zagnoose!J-US-NLY
325323Maxxed Out!J-US-NLY
326324Pros & Con Artists!J-US-NLY
327325Come What May!J-US-NLY
328326Cheer Pressure!J-US-NLY
329327Game Winning AssistJ-US-NLY
330328Fight for the Meteorite!J-US-NLY
331329Poetry Commotion!J-US-NLY
332330Going, Going, Yawn!J-US-NLY
333331Going For A Spinda!J-US-NLY
334332All Torkoal, No Play!J-US-NLY
335333Manectric Charge!J-US-NLY
336334Delcatty Got Your TongueJ-US-NLY
337335 Disaster of Disguise!J-US-NLY
338336Disguise Da Limit!J-US-NLY
339337Take the Lombre Home!J-US-NLY
340338True Blue Swablu!J-US-NLY
341339Gulpin It Down!J-US-NLY
342340Exploud and Clear!J-US-NLY
343341Go Go Ludicolo!J-US-NLY
344342A Double DilemmaJ-US-NLY
345343Love, Petalburg Style!J-US-NLY
346344Balance of PowerJ-US-NLY
347345A Six Attack!J-US-NLY
348346The Bicker The BetterJ-US-NLY
349347Grass Hysteria!J-US-NLY
350348Hokey PokéballsJ-US-NLY
351349Whiscash and AshJ-US-NLY
352350Me Myself & Time!J-US-NLY
353351A Fan With a PlanJ-US-NLY
354352Cruisin' For A Losin'J-US-NLY
355353Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend !?!J-US-NLY
356354That's Just SwellowJ-US-NLY
357355Take This House And ShuppetJ-US-NLY
358356A Shroomish SkirmishJ-US-NLY
359357Unfair Weather FriendsJ-US-NLY
360358Who's Flying Now?J-US-NLY
361359Sky High Gym BattleJ-US-NLY
362360Lights, Camerupt, Action!J-US-NLY
363361Crazy As A Lunatone!J-US-NLY
364362The Garden Of Eatin'!J-US-NLY
365363A Scare To Remember!J-US-NLY
366364Pokéblock, Stock & Berry!J-US-NLY
367365Lessons in Lilycove!J-US-NLY
368366Judgement Day!J-US-NLY
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Pokemon Advanced Battle
369367Clamperl of WisdomJ-USY
370368The Relicanth Really Can!J-USY
371369The Evolutionary WarJ-USY
372370Training WreckswJ-USY
373371Gaining GroudonJ-USY
374372The Scuffle of LegendsJ-USY
375373It's Still Rocket Roll to MeJ-USY
376374Solid As A SolrockJ-USY
Shaking Island Battle! Barboach vs
378376Vanity AffairJ-USY
379377Where's Armaldo?J-USY
380378A Cacturne for the WorseJ-USY
381379Claydol, Big and TallJ-USY
382380Once In A MawileJ-USY
383381Beg Borrow And StealJ-USY
384382Absol-ute Disaster!!J-USY
385383Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SnoruntJ-USY
386384Do I Hear A Ralts?J-USY
387385The Great Eight Fate!J-USY
388386Eight Ain't EnoughJ-USY
389387Showdown At LinooneJ-USY
390388Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut!J-USY
391389Date ExpectationsJ-USY
392390Mean With EnvyJ-USY
393391Pacifidlog Jam!J-USY
394392Berry, Berry Intresting!J-USY
395393Less Is Morrison!J-USY
396394The Ribbon Cup CaperJ-USY
397395Ash & May Heated Battles in Hoenn!JN
398396Hi Ho Silver Wind!J-USY
399397Deceit And Assist!J-USY
400398Rhapsody In Drew!J-USY
401399Island Times!J-USY
402400Like a Meowth to a FlameJ-USY
403401Saved by the BeldumJ-USY
404402From Brags to RichesJ-USY
405403Shocks and BoundsJ-USY
406404A Judgment Brawl!J-USY
407405Choose It or Lose It!J-USY
408406At The End of the FrayJ-USY
409407The Scheme Team!J-USY
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Pokemon Battle Frontier!
410408The Right Place at the Right MimeJ-USY
411409A Real Cleffa-HangerJ-USY
412410Mumero Uno ArticunoJ-USY
413411The Symbol Life!J-USY
414412Hooked on OnyxJ-USY
415413Rough, Tough JigglypuffJ-USY
416414On Cloud ArcanineJ-USY
417415Sitting PsyduckJ-USY
418416Hail to the Chef!J-USY
419417Caterpie's Big DilemmaJ-USY
420418The Saffron ConJ-USY
421419A Hurdle for SquirtleJ-USY
422420Pasta La Vista!J-USY
423421Fear factor Phony!J-USY
424422Sweet Baby JamesJ-USY
425423A Chip Of The Old BrockJ-USY
426424Wheel...Of Fortune!J-USY
427425May's Egg-Cellent Adventure!J-USY
428426Weekend Warrior!J-USY
429427On Olden Pond!J-USY
430428Tactics TheatricsJ-USY
431429Reversing The ChargesJ-USY
432430The Green Guardian!J-USY
433431From Cradle to Save!J-USY
434432Time Warp Heals all Wonds!J-USY
435433Queen of the SerpentineJ-USY
436434Off the Unbeaten Path!J-USY
437435Harley Rides Again!J-USY
438436Odd Pokémon out!J-USY
439437Spontaneous ConbuskenJ-USY
440438Cutting the Ties That Bind!J-USY
441439Ka-Boom With A ViewJ-USY
442440King & Queen For A Day!J-USY
443441Curbing the Crimson Tide!J-USY
444442What I Did For LoveJ-USY
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Pokemon Battle Frontier!/
Pokemon Kanto Battle Frontier Continues!
445443Three Jynx & A Baby!J-USY
446444Talking a good Game!J-USY
447445Second Time's the CharmJ-USY
448446Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!J-USY
449447All that Glitters is not GoldenJ-USY
450448New Plot - Odd Lot!J-USY
451449Going for Choke!J-USY
452450The Ole' Berate and SwitchJ-USY
453451Grating SpacesJ-USY
454452Battling the Enemy WithinJ-USY
455453Slaking KongJ-USY
456454May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!J-USY
457455Thinning the HoardJ-USY
458456Channeling the Battle ZoneJ-USY
459457Aipom and Circumstance!J-USY
460458Strategy Tommorow - Comedy Tonight!J-USY
461459Duels of the JungleJY
463461The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing!JY
464462Pinch Healing!J-USY
465463Gathering The Gang Of FourJ-USY
466464Pace - The Final Frontier!J-USY
467465Once More With ReelingJ-USY
468466Home Is Where The Start Is!J-USY
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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl!
469467Following a Maiden Voyage!J-USY
470468Two Degrees of Seperation!J-USY
471469When Pokémon Worlds Collide!J-USY
472470Dawn of a New EraJ-USY
473471Gettin' Twiggy With It!J-USY
474472Different Strokes for Different BlokesJ-USY
475473Like It or Lup It!J-USY
476474Gym Baliar!J-USY
477475Setting the World on it"s Buneary!J-USY
478476Not On My Watch Ya Don"t!J-USY
479477Mounting a Coordinator Assault!J-USY
480478Arrival of a Rival!J-USY
481479A Staravia Is Born!J-USY
482480Leave it to Brocko! (Jap.)J-USY
483481A Shape of Things To Come!J-USY
484482A Gruff Act To FollowJ-USY
485483Wild in the Streets!J-USY
486484O"er the Rampardos We Watched!J-USY
487485Twice Smitten, One Shy!J-USY
488486Mutiny in the Bounty!J-USY
489487Ya See We Want an Evolution!J-USY
490488Borrowing on Bad Faith!J-USY
491489faced with Steelix Determination!J-USY
492490Cooking up a Great StoryJ-USY
493491The Gifted Roserade and the Flower Legend! (Jap.)JN
494492Pokémon Contest! Floaroma Conference! (Jap.)JN
495493Deciding Match! Piplup VS Prinplup! (Jap.)JN
496494Drifloon and the North Wind Messenger! (Jap.)JN
497495Ash & Down! Saved By Bouble Battle? (Jap.)JN
498496Eterna Forest! The Burmy Evolution Plan!(Jap.)JN
499497Turtwig VS Turtwig! Speed Showdown!JN
500498Vespiquen of the Amber Castle! (Jap.)JN
501499It's Love! Turning into Pokémon Convention! (Jap.)JN
502500Buizel! Road to Strength (Jap.)JN
503501Elite Four Lucian & Bronzong (Jap.)JN
504502The Sinnoh Space-Time Legend! (Jap.)JN
505503Eterna Gym! VS Gardenia! (Jap.)JN
506504Explosive Birth! Cycle Road! (Jap.)JN
507505Pikachu is in Charge! (Jap.)JN
508506Champion Cynthia Appears! (Jap.)JN
509507Dawn, Zoey & Double Performance! (Jap.)JN
510508Electrike Practice Centre! (Jap.)JN
511509Mismagius! Escape from a Nightmare! (Jap.)JN
512510Save the Stray Child Hippopotas! (Jap.)JN
513511Hunter J Again Protect Sheildon! (Jap.)JN
More names of the 11th Season comes soon
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